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Domestic Electrician

All your domestic electrical needs, from Led lighting upgrades to fuse board installations

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Need a Commercial Electricians near you, from offices, retail units, factories.


Need a electrical installation condition report in Welwyn Garden City, we have you covered. Great price & Fast Service

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Got an electrical problem that needs fixing fast, there is no need to wait. 

Consumer Unit Replacement

Need your Consumer Unit Replacement in Welwyn Garden City at a great price.

Electrical Rewiring

Does your house needs a rewire, no job is to big or small

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Why Choose Us For Your Electrical Needs in welwyn garden city

We are a friendly team of fully qualified local electricians. Located in Welwyn Garden City area we can carry out all aspects of electrical Emergency work, your electrics needs are in safe hands.
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You are in safe hands, we are fully qualified and can help with all you electrical issues

We are fully insured, so you don’t need to be worried about anything, when you are using a fully qualified electrician 

We cover all of Welwyn Garden City and the surrounding area, including hertford. So Call us today

Why choose us

Why I Might Need 1st phase electrical? Electrical needs?

If it involves anything to do with electric wiring and how it all works, so many customers we have dealt with would have rather called an electrician out for their expertise. As without the proper training it can be hard to know what needs to be done, this is why it is so important to understand when it is time to call a local electrician out.

If you have actually meddled electrics in the past, you can feel confident enough to take on minor electric repair work around the house. This could likewise create a sense of over-confidence when it involves much bigger job, which could put you at risk.

When is it the right time to call a electrician near you?

Below we consider the top 6 reasons why an local electrician should be called

1. Fuse Boxes Keeps Blowing
If you have an issue with your fuses blowing or breaker tripping, an electrical engineer should be called. Possibilities are that your system will certainly be drawing more current than they are able to safely hold, implying that there could be a possibly harmful and underlying issues. In each instance, you must take care to call your neighborhood electrician to investigate for you.

2. Flickering Lights
If you see that your lights get dimmer or flicker when specific appliances are in use of, it’s a wise suggestion get an experienced electrical expert in.

3. Additional Plug Sockets
Surprisingly, there are still numerous residences around including electrical wiring running under carpets and along skirting boards. This will normally suggest there is an absence of plug outlets and you require more. Including extra outlets is a routine job for many electrical experts and also a work that will aid to make your house a much more secure place.

4. Additional Circuits
Overloaded power factors as well as boards can put an incredible amount of stress on the electric systems in our homes and work environments. This sort of setup can as a matter of fact require the electric system to work much past the ability that it is developed for, which is dangerous. To make your premises safer, an electrical contractor should be gotten to install even more circuits.

5. Old Plug Sockets
There shouldn’t be several around, yet you stay in a house that still has the old two-prong plug outlets, there’s every opportunity the grounding and electrical wiring in your house is incredibly outdated. If the electrical system in your house is not completely grounded, you and others residing in your house might go to danger from residing in a hazardous atmosphere.

6. Shocking Surface Areas
If your switches, power points or other electrical systems are warm/hot to touch, or you receive a shock, there is almost certainly an issue with the circuit. Chances are, the circuit won’t be able to manage the needs of the electric in your house, so a remedy will certainly need to be put in place to make points much safer. If you stumble upon warm or shocking surfaces, this need to constantly be complied with by a phone call to your Local electrical contractor in Welwyn Garden city